#NegotiationNovember : Three Job Negotiation Tips


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1. Start at the Top
When researching salaries for any given position, more often you’ll find a salary range than a specific number. When asked, provide your potential employer with the number at the top of the range, as they will likely negotiate a lower salary.

2. Prepare a Brag Sheet
A brag sheet is a list containing key professional accomplishments that you can brag about. Creating and regularly updating a brag sheet makes it easier for you to recall relevant successes and specific stories that exemplify why you are a great fit for a given job. Two examples of things to include in your brag sheet are quantitative or qualitative data that support your achievements and quotes from your senior colleagues.

3. Look Beyond Salary
Many jobs offer more than just the salary. Your total compensation may be a combination of base salary and benefits. Be sure to factor in all aspects of compensation when negotiating your offer. Workload, company culture, and opportunities for growth are additional aspects of employment worth thinking about as well.

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