Raising Breast Cancer Awareness in the (Virtual) Workplace


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Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women in the United States. Many offices fundraise and increase awareness by hosting events such as charity walks/runs or office decorating challenges. With many offices operating remotely, some of the typical fundraising and awareness methods are not possible this year. Here are three alternative ideas that can be implemented from any location.

1 - Virtual Movie Night

All you need is a streaming service subscription (like Netflix or Hulu) and a video conferencing platform (like Zoom). Select a movie, set up a zoom meeting, and ask your employees to buy tickets over social media or email. Make sure to let everyone know that the money will be going towards breast cancer research. Share your screen and audio, and enjoy!

2 - Facebook Fundraiser

Start a fundraiser on your company Facebook page and have employees donate and share the fundraiser with their contacts. Create a well thought out post inviting employees to donate to support breast cancer research. Add a donation button to your post so that people who view it can donate directly from your post. Some notable foundations to donate to include Breast Cancer Now, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and National Breast Cancer Foundation.

3 - Virtual Charity Run

Charity runs are a popular method to raise funds while also promoting a healthy lifestyle. You can host a charity run and still maintain social distancing guidelines by making it a virtual charity run, the latter of which is actually more profitable, as there are no overhead costs like events permits, water bottles, etc. Determine the details (distance, date/s, etc), and advertise to your employees. Charge a registration fee to participants, or have them get pledges to donate. Once again, make sure participants are aware that the money is going to a charitable cause. Participants can complete the run at any time over a given range of days and at any location (treadmill, outdoor, etc.) that they choose. After completing their run, have participants record and send you their times (a simple way to do this is via Google Forms). Considering offering a medal to those with leading times or personal records. This makes the event even more fun.

Virtual movie nights, Facebook fundraisers, and virtual charity runs are just three of many ways that you can spread breast cancer awareness even during such unprecedented times.
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