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During the Pandemic, the entire world has been in flux. Loss of jobs, loss of loved ones, wearing masks, social distancing and adjusting to the new normal. Throughout it all, some companies have hired individuals to work remotely. Almost every industry has figured out a way to provide their employees’ remote access for the continuity of business. While some have figured it out, not all, because it was not feasible.

Now that we are seeing the increase in vaccines being distributed, more individuals are slowly going back to work. There is a confidence that companies will continue to work towards bringing back the jobs that were lost. Useful Staffing Inc. is here to support those efforts and we look forward to helping people get back to work!!!!

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The holidays are supposed to be a fun and festive time, but they may also be stressful if there are no boundaries drawn between the work day and personal time. Dividing the two may have been particularly difficult for many people this year, especially for those who have been thrusted into the remote work lifestyle without notice. As the year comes to a close, consider implementing one or all of our favorite strategies to promote a healthy work-life balance this holiday season.

1. Schedule Everything

Most of us neglect to include non-work related tasks when scheduling for the week. This leads us to finishing our work related tasks, but forgetting to cover so...

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1. Start at the Top
When researching salaries for any given position, more often you’ll find a salary range than a specific number. When asked, provide your potential employer with the number at the top of the range, as they will likely negotiate a lower salary.

2. Prepare a Brag Sheet
A brag sheet is a list containing key professional accomplishments that you can brag about. Creating and regularly updating a brag sheet makes it easier for you to recall relevant successes and specific stories that exemplify why you are a great fit for a given job. Two examples of things to include in your brag sheet are quantitative or qualitative data that support your achie...

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BAT is a spooky Halloween inspired acronym to keep in mind when job searching. Keep reading to find out what it means!

Brand Yourself
A personal brand--or the unique image of yourself that you want others to remember you for--is what sets you apart from the other candidates. To create your brand, you must first clearly define your career goal. Then, think about how you can achieve or how you have made progress towards achieving this goal. Reflect upon your successes and failures to determine what makes you unique. Once you have your brand defined, make sure it is consistently reflected across all of your relevant artifacts: your resume, social media profil...

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Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women in the United States. Many offices fundraise and increase awareness by hosting events such as charity walks/runs or office decorating challenges. With many offices operating remotely, some of the typical fundraising and awareness methods are not possible this year. Here are three alternative ideas that can be implemented from any location.

1 - Virtual Movie Night

All you need is a streaming service subscription (like Netflix or Hulu) and a video conferencing platform (like Zoom). Select a movie, set up a zoom meeting, and ask your employees to buy tickets over social media or email. Make sure to let everyone know that the ...

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Back in April of this year, we saw a dip in CO2 emissions worldwide due to the lack of vehicles on the road. While this was an unintentional consequence of the pandemic, it’s a sound reminder of how our everyday choices affect the environment. It is increasingly important that we become more eco-friendly in all aspects of our lives, including while at work.

Whether you are going back to the office or still working from home, here are three easy ways that you can be more eco-friendly while working.

Tip 1: Unplug Devices That Are Not in Use

The energy drawn from devices that are plugged in but not in use is known as Vampire Power. While it’s...

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During these unprecedented times, it is highly important to support our community, especially those that are in greater need. This week Useful Staffing will be highlighting the work of Shepherd's Table, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping homeless individuals who are in urgent need of meals, social services, and medical support. This organization is located in downtown Silver Spring and provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the week.

Due to the negative impacts of COVID-19, Shepherd's Table is in urgent need of food items, kitchenware, and other donations from community members. Your contributions will make it possible for Shepherd’s Table to provide free ...

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Wake up. Apply to countless jobs.
Get a call back for maybe one of those job applications.
Receive a rejection email weeks later.
Go to bed stressed out and uncertain about your future.

This has become the frustrating daily routine for many American residents in the past six months, who are probably thinking: “Why should I waste so much time applying to jobs, just to find no reward?”

While your job search may seem pointless right now, losing motivation and quitting will not make the situation any better. Going into your job search motivated rather than hopeless may actually yield better results. Here’s a list of 5 of our favorite tips t...

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Unemployment in the United States skyrocketed from a 20-year low of 3.5% in February 2020 to a 20-year high of 14.7% in April 2020. While that number has decreased to 11.1% as of June 2020, it’s unclear how long it will be before the country experiences lower, more typical unemployment rates again.

In this time of uncertainty, some job industries are faring particularly well. One industry that continues to flourish during the pandemic is the Cyber Security industry. Keep reading to learn more about the Cyber Security industry and how you can secure data as well as your future.

What Do Cyber Security Professionals Do?
Cyber Security professionals ...

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On this day in 1865--over two years after the Emancipation Proclamation--enslaved African Americans in Galveston Bay, Texas were finally notified of their freedom.

This holiday celebrates the end of chattel slavery in the US and this year a number of companies, including Twitter and Target, have declared it a paid company holiday.

Happy Juneteenth!

Useful Staffing encourages all HR professionals to realize the position they are in and the actions they can take in fight for racial equity. To quote an article from Fast Company:

"The field of HR is uniquely positioned to undo some of the systemic inequities that have been embedded in the workplace for generations. Despite this, the track record of HR departments driving social change and equity has been less than stellar, known more for protecting companies over employees and letting bad behaviors go unchecked. Could the significance of this moment lead to a different outcome?"

Could the significance of this moment lead to a different outcome? We hope so.

Full article: https://www.fastcompan...

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