2020 Career Goal Check-In!


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Earlier in the year we posted the following quiz on social media:

Career Goal: everyone should have one, and it's never too late to get started. What's yours?
A. obtain employment
B. switch careers
C. get a raise
D. update resume
E. create professional online presence
F. other

Now, it’s time to check in. How are you progressing? Or have you already met your goal?

Keep in mind that some goals, like updating a resume, can take far less time to achieve than others, such as switching careers. Either way, make sure that you give yourself enough time to achieve your intended goal, and plan that time incrementally over the days or months you’ll need to achieve it. Chances of meeting your goal increase when there are dedicated time frames set aside for the sole purpose of working toward it.

For those who answered A-E, and most likely even F, Useful Staffing provides services that can help you reach your career goal. Feel free to contact any of our staff members for further details on how we can assist you. Happy planning. You’ve got this!

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