5 Tips To Motivate Your Pandemic Job Search


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Wake up. Apply to countless jobs.
Get a call back for maybe one of those job applications.
Receive a rejection email weeks later.
Go to bed stressed out and uncertain about your future.

This has become the frustrating daily routine for many American residents in the past six months, who are probably thinking: “Why should I waste so much time applying to jobs, just to find no reward?”

While your job search may seem pointless right now, losing motivation and quitting will not make the situation any better. Going into your job search motivated rather than hopeless may actually yield better results. Here’s a list of 5 of our favorite tips to motivate you during your job search.

1. Set Attainable, Concrete Goals
Having one big end goal of “getting a job” and never achieving that goal can be depressing. However, setting smaller goals creates a sense of accomplishment everytime you complete a step that brings you closer to achieving your main goal. In addition to this boost of motivation, by laying out a series of tangible small goals, you are essentially creating a concrete plan. Having a plan will prevent you from spending unnecessary time thinking about your next step, thus allowing you to work more efficiently and reach your goal more quickly. A few examples of smaller goals you can set are updating your resume, learning a hard skill, or adding 5 new connections on Linkedin each week.

2. Volunteer
While not financially rewarding, volunteering can help restore your sense of purpose, potentially increasing your drive and motivation when looking for paid jobs. It will also look great on your resume. Though employers understand that COVID has drastically changed the job market, having volunteer work on your resume shows them that you are a proactive and passionate individual. Volunteering events can also serve as networking events to build your network.

3. Read About Your Role Models
Everyone goes through a tough time in their life, even successful career role models. Read up on interviews, books, articles, or even their tweets to learn more about their journey and tips on how to make the best of tough situations. While not every bit of advice may apply to you or the pandemic context, reading about others' stories can motivate you and remind you that you are not alone in your struggles.

4. Interact With Others
Humans are social creatures. We need other humans. Spending time with others can improve our mental well being and relieve the stress that the job hunt can bring on us. Take advantage of the lockdown by spending time with your family, roommates, or whomever you're quarantined with. Try to sync your schedules so that you can share a meal or spend some time together in another meaningful way. They may even be able to offer a new perspective on your job search.

5. Take Days Off
Taking days off every now and then can prevent you from burning out and quitting your job search all together. It allows you to refocus and come back with a fresh perspective. Schedule these days, maybe once or twice a week, and make sure to plan out a specific activity to do. That way, you know what you will be doing in place of job searching, and you will not end up back on your laptop searching for jobs. Consider dedicating your day to exercise or any physical activity. Physical movement is proven to boost your mood and will help get you refreshed and remotivated. If exercise isn’t your thing, consider going on a picnic, making art, or learning a new recipe.

The job search process is a tedious one, and even more so during unprecedented times, but don’t let that discourage you. Make sure to incorporate some or all of the tips above to stay motivated and make the best of your situation.

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