BAT Job Search Tips You Need To Know


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BAT is a spooky Halloween inspired acronym to keep in mind when job searching. Keep reading to find out what it means!

Brand Yourself
A personal brand--or the unique image of yourself that you want others to remember you for--is what sets you apart from the other candidates. To create your brand, you must first clearly define your career goal. Then, think about how you can achieve or how you have made progress towards achieving this goal. Reflect upon your successes and failures to determine what makes you unique. Once you have your brand defined, make sure it is consistently reflected across all of your relevant artifacts: your resume, social media profiles (Linkedin in particular), and references should share a uniform message. Consider selecting a key word or phrase to include on all of your artifacts to help with this. Lastly, if you brand yourself as “passionate”, for example, make sure that your work experiences and references reflect your passion. For personal branding to be effective, your actions must match your words.

Ask Your Network
Around 60% of jobs are found via networking, most of which are part of the hidden job market, or are employment opportunities that are obtained by internal hires and employee referrals. The first step to reaching out to your network is maintaining good connections. Develop a relationship that is not purely transactional. This is done by checking in with your connections and building rapport even when you aren’t planning a career move. Think of people who you’ve established such relationships with and ask them if they know of any open positions. Make them aware of your key skills and the type of work you are looking for. Consider creating a Linkedin post to notify your network that you are #OpenToWork.

Tell Stories
Stories are what put your skills into perspective for employers. They illustratively communicate how you’ve made use of your expertise to achieve your goals. Stories you share may explain how you overcame a career obstacle or how your professional passion was sparked. Be sure to incorporate storytelling into your resume, cover letter, and interview.

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