Cyber Security Jobs Flourish During the Pandemic


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Unemployment in the United States skyrocketed from a 20-year low of 3.5% in February 2020 to a 20-year high of 14.7% in April 2020. While that number has decreased to 11.1% as of June 2020, it’s unclear how long it will be before the country experiences lower, more typical unemployment rates again.

In this time of uncertainty, some job industries are faring particularly well. One industry that continues to flourish during the pandemic is the Cyber Security industry. Keep reading to learn more about the Cyber Security industry and how you can secure data as well as your future.

What Do Cyber Security Professionals Do?
Cyber Security professionals work to protect computer networks, servers, information systems, etc., from theft or damage.

Why Is This Industry Important?
In today's era of information and technology, we spend a lot of time in the digital space. Businesses communicate via email, the government stores top secret information in “the cloud”, and everyday people document their actions and whereabouts on various social media platforms. That’s a lot of data! From previous incidents, we know that when information ends up in the wrong hands it can wreak havoc on businesses, national security, and even your everyday life.


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For example, just recently, there was an incident where many public figures, including former president Obama and billionaire Elon Musk, had their Twitter accounts hacked. The hackers used these public figures’ accounts to send out tweets asking followers to send them money, claiming they would double their payments. Around 400 payments totaling $121,000 were sent to the hackers’ accounts. As a Cyber Security professional you could make the same amount--if not more--without committing a federal crime.

How Can I Get a Job in the Industry?
Cyber Security jobs are high in demand, especially in the DC metropolitan area, and there aren’t enough professionals to meet the demand. Some examples of entry level jobs include an Information and Security Analyst and a Junior Penetration Tester. Necessary skills include problem solving, knowledge of coding (Python, Java etc.), attention to detail, and communication skills. There are several online learning platforms that offer free courses to learn these skills. See our previous post, Free Certification Courses, for details.

Cyber Security is a field that will continue to grow even after the pandemic, making it a favorable option for those seeking long-term job security.

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