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You asked, we delivered!

Some of you expressed interest in free certification courses on our Instagram page. While there are a number of free courses available online, not all are certified, which can make it difficult to search for the ones that are.

We've got you covered. Below are three links to assist you with your search.

1. Coursera

If you've been looking for free certification courses, Coursera is a good place to start, especially now. Until July 31st, Coursera is offering over 100 FREE certification courses, ranging from softskills to datascience. ⠀
Some of these certified courses focus on subjects like:
teamwork skills
content marketing strategy

Once on the Coursera website, you'll notice that there are MANY more courses on the platform, but not all are both free and certified. Please ready carefully as you select your course. You may find the directions in this post helpful for navigating the site specifically for free certified courses.

Coursera website:

2. Alison

Another great site with free certification courses: Alison! On this website, there are over 1,000 different certified courses you can choose from to better yourself.


3. Multiple sources

Many other websites offer certification courses, but it may take a bit of searching before you find them, especially if you are not sure of exactly what it is you'd like to learn yet. This link highlights just some of them:


There are a number of other schools and websites that offer free certification sources. Take a look around and find the course that's best for your professional or personal development. Please share this post with friends and families who may benefit from it.

Happy Learning!

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