Holiday Work-Life Balance Strategies


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The holidays are supposed to be a fun and festive time, but they may also be stressful if there are no boundaries drawn between the work day and personal time. Dividing the two may have been particularly difficult for many people this year, especially for those who have been thrusted into the remote work lifestyle without notice. As the year comes to a close, consider implementing one or all of our favorite strategies to promote a healthy work-life balance this holiday season.

1. Schedule Everything

Most of us neglect to include non-work related tasks when scheduling for the week. This leads us to finishing our work related tasks, but forgetting to cover some of our personal goals and activities. In order to avoid this, make sure to schedule everything and detail your tasks. For example, rather than vaguely writing “leisure time” or “family time” into your planner, specifically write “bake cookies”, “buy presents”, or “watch a holiday movie”.

2. Delegate With Colleagues

Plan with your colleagues in advance so that important projects are completed before the holidays. Part of your planning should result in having a protocol in place for responding to potential work emergencies during this time.

3. Keep a Separate Workspace

Our memories are context dependent, meaning that we associate certain activities with specific situations or locations. So, when our workspace and living space are one in the same, our brains may have trouble deciding whether it’s time to work or relax. To prevent this, designate a workspace--whether it’s an entire room or small corner--that is solely for work-related tasks. This way, your brain will stay focused on job-related tasks while you’re in your workspace. You’ll also be less tempted to take any “quick glances” at ongoing assignments while outside of your designated work space.

Happy Holidays!

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