Placement Staffing Services

Partnering with Useful Staffing Inc. is the way to go. Finding the right talent, in a very competitive market, can be tedious. Let us take on that task and help you locate the best individual to fill your temporary, temp to permanent, and permanent/direct hire positions.

     • Temporary
            ○ Filling a short term immediate need of coverage within your organization without having to spend time  going through the full recruiting process.

     • Temp to Permanent
            ○ Spending time to determine if an individual is the right person for the job as well as your organization - is key here; when time permits, you have the opportunity to convert that individual to a non-temporary role because he/she has demonstrated that they are a good fit.
     • Permanent / Direct Hire
           ○ You have a vacant position that you need to fill and desire to fill it with a regular employee therefore you complete the full recruiting process to bring on someone that will be placed directly into your organization on a permanent basis.

We specialize in staffing placement in the DC Metropolitan area.

We provide staffing placement in the following areas:

     • Administrative
     • Finance
     • Healthcare
     • Legal

We do not like to limit our professional knowledge/experience therefore we utilize all of the necessary sourcing tools and resources to fill all positions that our clients request of us. We not only provide staffing placement for the areas listed above but also those “Other Unique Areas” - hard to fill positions; in a myriad of other industries.

For requests in fulfilling your staffing request, please complete the Client Request form below.