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HR Consulting 

We provide workforce solutions to businesses throughout the United States. For more info, please send us an email at

Placement Staffing Services

Partnering with Useful Staffing Inc. is the way to go. Finding the right talent, in a very competitive market, can be tedious. Let us take on that task and help you locate the best individual to fill permanent/direct hire positions.

     • Permanent / Direct Hire
            ○ You have a vacant position that you need to fill and desire to fill it with a regular employee therefore you complete the full recruiting process to bring on someone that will be placed directly into your organization on a permanent basis.

We specialize in staffing placement in the DC Metropolitan area. We provide staffing placement for positions in various industries and fields.

We do not like to limit our professional knowledge/experience therefore we utilize all of the necessary sourcing tools and resources to fill all positions that our clients request of us. We not only provide staffing placement for the areas listed above but also those “Other Unique Areas” - hard to fill positions; in a myriad of other industries. For more info, please send us an email at

Resume Writing

It is already tough in this job market to land the perfect gig; why complicate things by not putting your best foot forward and present to your future employer a winning resume. Here at Useful Staffing Inc, we not only want to introduce excellent talent to our clients but we want our potential talent to be prepared.

We provide resume writing services to any job seekers needing one created from scratch or just need your existing resume strengthened for the job you are presently seeking. We have professional resume writers on staff to assist you with your needs.

All of our resume writers will provide to you a polished professional resume (and cover letter, if requested) in MS Word or PDF formats for a very competitive price. Pricing is based upon the complexity and/or length of employment history.

For more information on resume writing, please send us an email at

Interview Preparation - Mock Interviews

Preparing for a job interview shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. Planning and preparation is necessary before your job interview.

Here at Useful Staffing, Inc. we want to ensure that our job seekers are knowledgeable about the organization they are considering employment; armed with the right questions to ask their potential employer; well versed on what is listed on their resume so there is no guess work when questioned; and properly presented in the interview so they can sell themselves for the most optimal outcome - getting a job offer.

Our Mock Interviewing services are complimentary based upon the job seeker’s needs.

For more information on Mock Interviews, please send us an email at

Notary Public

It’s not everyday that a job seeker may need a Notary Public however here at Useful Staffing Inc. we have one available to you. Situations may arise that calls for a document to be notarized while on the job; no need to worry, we are available to provide that service.

What is a Notary Public?

A notary public can perform the following:

     • Act as a witness in the notary's official capacity
     • Receive the acknowledgment of certain written instruments
     • Administer oaths according to law in certain civil matters
     • Make protests and declarations in certain commercial transactions
     • Complete a certificate under the notary's official seal that the notary has performed any of these duties
     • Certify a copy of a record in his or her fair register of official acts

Fees for notarial services are in accordance with the State’s requirements.

For more information on obtaining the services of our resident Notary public, please send us an email at

Civic Engagement Services

As a Staffing Agency, our number one focus is people - bringing people together through employment.

We are committed to making a difference in our local communities to ensure those individuals in the DMV area whether current job seekers, future job seekers or just local residents can benefit from our efforts of promoting meaningful initiatives.

Partnering with Non-Profit organizations/foundations that promote health living or environmental issues are on the forefront of our interests. We want to participate in activities that will raise awareness in these communities that will improve the quality of life for all residents.

Giving back to the masses is not an option but a necessity which is why we want to do our part.

If you are a local 501(c)(3) organization or foundation that emphasizes environmental awareness or health and wellness initiatives, we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email at so we can discuss ways to partner with you.

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